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Mission : Transform Sun Protection with Long-Acting UV Filters*

*Targeted product profile

  • Skinosive’s mission is to develop a breakthrough innovation in sun protection with a new generation of UV filters.

  • Traditional sunscreens often contain chemicals that can be harmful to both human health and the environment. 

  • By creating a proprietary bio-adhesion technology, Skinosive is developing bio-adhesive UV filters with enhanced effectiveness and safety of UV filters

  • Skinosive aims to develop bio-adhesive UV filters that provide broad and Long-Acting protection, while being well toleratedand eco-friendly

  • Skinosive innovation represents a huge advancement in the field of sun protection which is characterized by a lack of disruptive innovation in the last 20 years!​


Less Use

Minimizing Ecological Impact


Broad Spectrum



Non-Skin Penetration



Efficacy Over 6 hours Clinically Proven

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